Steakhouse Quality

We bring to your table our sizzling steakhouse quality at a reasonable price. We want you to sit back and enjoy high-quality meals with your family and friends. So, whether you choose to dine in or carry out, we’ve got you covered!

[accordian-item heading=” PHILLY STEAK SANDWICH – Shaved steak served on your choice of French or garlic bread. Toppings include green pepper, onion, mushroom, and your choice of American, Swiss, Mozzarella, Provolone Cheese, or Cheese Whiz.” item_no=”Twenty”]

Philly Steak… 9.99                                     Big Philly Steak… 12.99

Chicken Philly… 9.99                                 Big Chicken Philly… 12.99

Ribeye Philly… 12.99                                 Big Ribeye Philly… 15.99 [/accordian-item]

[accordian-item heading=”

GRILLED STEAK SANDWICH – Tender steaks served on your choice of French or Garlic bread. Toppings include lettuce, tomato, red onion, and steak sauce (optional).” item_no=”Twenty-one”]

Grilled Steak Sandwich… 9.99

Grilled Ribeye Sandwich… 11.99 [/accordian-item]

[accordian-item heading=”

STEAK PLATTER – Tender steaks served with your choice of 2 sides (Regular Fries, Rice, Soup, Coleslaw, Chili, Small Garden Salad, or Baked Potato). And your choice of bread or garlic bread.” item_no=”Twenty-two”]

Grilled Steak Platter… 16.99

Grilled Ribeye Platter… 21.99 [/accordian-item]